SOMlink und Codemaster+

SOMlink und Codemaster+

SOMlink und Codemaster+


  • SOMlink 7040VXXX / S10683-00001 / S10684-00001
  • Codemaster+ S11489-XXXX / S11490-00001 / S11491-00001
  • SOMlink and Codemaster+ APP for Android


  • New Android App version is available for SOMlink and Codemaster+.


Following new features and improvements are included:

  • Compatibility with Android 11 has been established.
  • Compatibility with smart phones which can simultaneously be connected to a Wi-Fi and create a hot spot.

Important Note

The update is done via the Google Play Store. Updating the SOMlink and Codemaster+ via the SOMMER Suite is NOT necessary.

March 12, 2021