Telecody Courier transmitter

Telecody Courier transmitter

For years now, the sales figures of online retailers have been rising sharply, and shopping on a smartphone, tablet or PC is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Fast are the shoes, the new smartphone, the new garment ordered from the couch. In Germany alone, the number of goods shipped annually was around 3.7 milliards. According to forecasts, shipments are expected to increase again significantly in the coming years, reaching around 4.4 milliards in 2023. About 370-740 million of all shipments cannot be delivered directly because the orderer is not present during the delivery.

With the new Telecody Courier, SOMMER now offers a problem solver. The additional parcel function turns the garage into a safe, protected storage location for the ordered goods shipments.


The customer can decide for himself which security level he wants to choose:

Level 1: Red button - Simple security:

  • Execute package opening by pressing one of the two red buttons (dot or circle)
  • Advantage: Easy to use
  • Disadvantage: Package opening is done without code, anyone could press the red button (if he knows something about the subject)

Level 2: Enter package code - high security:

  • Execute parcel opening by entering a special parcel code (2-8 digits) via the keypad
  • Advantage: Easy to use, now the code is entered instead of the red key. High security, because opening is only possible by code
  • Disadvantage: Code "fishing" and trigger the opening (parcel driver or third party)
  • Measures against unauthorized access: Change code regularly or simply deactivate the package code during delivery breaks.

The parcel deliverer presses one of the two red keys (dot or circle button) or enters the deposited parcel code. The Telecody sends a command to open the door, after about 3 seconds the operator stops. Now the parcel delivery person can push the parcel under the door into the garage and make it safe. After about 15 seconds another command is sent by the Telecody and the door closes again.

The time (3 seconds) to open the door can be changed via the number field on the Telecody. The setting range here is between 3 and 9 seconds. The higher the time is set, the greater the package opening.

The Telecody Courier contains all functions of the Telecody+ and is extended by the parcel storage function.

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December 18, 2020