One control unit for all requirements

Whether it's a sectional, roller or high-speed door operator, with or without a frequency converter, GIGAcontrol is the solution. The GIGA control implements all requirements and applications.

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  1. 786V650
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 786V650
  2. GIGAcontrol A C3
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 786V000
    GIGAcontrol A C3 | autom. control w/ contactor up to 2,2kW | or 400V operators and frequ. converter | SOMMER version Learn More
  3. 781V650
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 781V650
  4. GIGAcontrol A R1- SOMMER version
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 781V020
    GIGAcontrol A R1- SOMMER version | automatic control unit ITA | equipped with 1 x relay up to 1,5kW | only for frequency converter mode Learn More
  5. GIGAcontrol TA
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S11340-00004
    GIGAcontrol TA | automatic module | for GIGAsedo+ and GIGAroll+ | SOMMER version Learn More

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