Roller shutter and awning operators


Control the light the way you want!

There are many advantages to installing a tube motor from SOMMER – both for retrofitting of most roller shutters and awnings as well as for new constructions. Our roller shutter and awning operators have proven themselves in use over many years thanks to their simple but perfected technology.

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  1. Roller shutter controller Luxe
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S12414-00001
    Roller shutter controller Luxe | Timer Astro-function | Light sensor input Learn More
  2. tubular motor A 50/12/45
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S12407-00001
    tubular motor A 50/12/45 | 230V 50-60Hz SOMMER | 50Nm for roller shutters | incl. adapter set 60 mm octagonal shaft Learn More
  3. tubular motor A 50/60,
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 3954V000
    tubular motor A 50/60, | 50Nm for roller shutters | 60 mm, octagonal, incl. adapter set, | hinge bracket and wall anchor Learn More
  4. tubular motor A 40/15/45
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S12406-00001
    tubular motor A 40/15/45 | 230V 50-60Hz SOMMER | 40Nm for roller shutters | adapter set for 60mm octagonal shaft Learn More
  5. tubular motor A 40/60
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 3953V000
    tubular motor A 40/60 | 40Nm for roller shutters | 230V, 50 Hz, | 40Nm for roller shutters Learn More
  6. tubular motor A 30/15/45
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 3952V000
    tubular motor A 30/15/45 | 230V, 50Hz | incl. standard accessories Learn More
  7. ContRoll Shutter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 6007V000
    ContRoll Shutter | motor control unit | with single operation | for roller blinds Learn More
  8. tubular motor A 20/15/45
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S12404-00001
    tubular motor A 20/15/45 | 230V 50-60Hz SOMMER | adapter set for 60mm octagonal shaft Learn More
  9. tubular motor A 20/15/45
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 3951V000
    tubular motor A 20/15/45 | 230V, 50Hz | incl standard accessories Learn More
  10. tubular motor A 10/15/45
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S12403-00001
    tubular motor A 10/15/45 | 230V 50-60Hz SOMMER | wall anchor cranked | adapter set for 60mm octagonal shaft Learn More

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