Sliding gate operators

Sliding gate operators ensure movement...

... and excel in power and performance

SOMMER sliding gate operators open your door gently, smoothly and reliably even at temperatures down to -30° C. In addition, they offer the highest level of security. They comply with the newest international standards and are tested by independent institutes. There are numerous connection options available for more security and additional features for added convenience.

The sliding gate operators are ideal both for residential properties and industrial door/gate systems. With a travel length of up to 20 m and a gate weight of 1200 kg, our solutions offer versatile usage options for a diverse range of requirements.


We delivery the quality – you enjoy the convenience!

With reliable gate operators from SOMMER, you can be assured of durability for years to come. This is not only because of their high quality and easy operation, but also because they are meticulously crafted and certified, which allows you to find the perfect operator for you.


Your safety will always be what drives us

Safety and accident prevention are SOMMER's highest priorities. Our operators are equipped with dependable technology that complies with applicable standards.

Automatic obstacle recognition guarantees optimal protection. The operator reverses (reversion) if an obstacle is encountered, ensuring that people, animals or vehicles will not be trapped.

In the event of a power failure, the easy-to-use SOMMER emergency release system complete with the necessary key allows you to manually open (release) and close (lock) the gate in any position.

The automatic locking motor offers effective protection against break-in or unauthorized access. Even in the event of a power failure, your swing or sliding gate is locked (closed).

All of these components offer you optimum security in any eventuality.

Easy to install

Thought out to the last detail

SOMMER delivers the outdoor gate operators with a mains plug which facilitates installation. This means an installer can test and put the operator into operation at the construction site even if he/she is not an electrician; this saves time and money.

The electrician must then establish a permanently installed mains power connection, but since the operator has already been tested and put into operation, it can be used immediately.

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