Access systems


Intelligent solutions for more control

We develop modern solutions which ensure both convenience and maximum security. In addition to classic access systems which you open with a key or a card, SOMMER offers access control systems.

They open very easily with your fingerprint or a numeric code. All users therefore receive their own unique access authorisation. The highest level of security and no more stress with forgotten or lost keys.

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  1. ENTRAcode+ digital coder set
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S11190-00001
    ENTRAcode+ digital coder set | 868,95MHz SOMMER version | 5-command | set digital coder and assembly parts Learn More
  2. tool set for installation
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S11675-00001
    tool set for installation | ENTRAsys+ ENTRAcode+ in door panel | incl. drill and cutting template Learn More
  3. ENTRAsys+ RX radio receiver
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S12010-00001
    ENTRAsys+ RX radio receiver | 868,95 MHz | black/red 1-channel 112 memories | in installation housing f hollow profile Learn More
  4. connection cable ENTRAsys+ set
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S11594-00001
    connection cable ENTRAsys+ set | plug pre-assembled | cabel transition effeff, lock GU Secury | cable colours DIN 47100 Learn More
  5. ENTRApin+ radio code switch AP
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S10357-00001
    ENTRApin+ radio code switch AP | 868,95MHz SOMMER version IP54 ML | grey 1-command | in battery housing Learn More
  6. Power adaptor 230V/12V/1,5A DC, 57x53x25
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 10361
    Power adaptor 230V/12V/1,5A DC, 57x53x25 | PRI: 140 mm / 0,75mm² / bl-br | SEC: 190 mm / 0,5 mm² / rd-bk RoHS | overload / temp. protected ENTRAsys FD Learn More

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