Pick it up - SOMMER transmitters fit comfortably in your hand

Transmitters from SOMMER offer you a wide variety of options for making your everyday life easier. You can open the garage door conveniently via radio control system, switch the light on and off or open the door.

SOMloq2 - modern, bidirectional radio control system

The bidirectional radio enables numerous additional functions  that make everyday life easier – from feedback on whether the radio signal has been received to gate status queries or auto repeat and hop functions.SOMloq2 offers a future-proof radio system in line with modern standards. With 128-bit AES encryption, high transmission security is guaranteed.

Control your systems conveniently via handheld radio transmitter and benefit from our  SOMloq2 system when opening your yard gates and garage doors.

Product advantages of transmitters with SOMloq2

Secure encryption
The future-proof SOMloq2 radio control system offers maximum protection against hackers thanks to 128-bit AES encryption with Rollingcode.

Repeating radio signal
The auto-repeat function ensures convenient opening while approaching the building. The output radio signal repeats in a certain cycle to permit optimal availability.

High radio range
An innovative hop function extends the range, as radio signals are forwarded from SOMloq2 receivers.

Also for existing SOMMER operators
Downward compatible with the Somloq Rollingcode radio control system, making it possible to control and continue to use existing operators and radio receivers.

Is the door closed?
Query the current status of your door directly from the couch or your deck chair in the garden.

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  1. Codemaster+ transmitter administration
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S11489-00001
    Codemaster+ transmitter administration | 868,95MHz | red/black | WIFI Learn More
  2. transmitter 1 command
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 7441
    transmitter 1 command | AM 40,685 MHz, 10 Bit | (alternatively for 7401/7403) Learn More
  3. GIGAcom transmitter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 4038V000
    GIGAcom transmitter | 868,95 MHz NEUTRAL version IP64 | 200-command Learn More
  4. Mini transmitter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 4050V000
    Mini transmitter | 40,685MHz NEUTRAL version | anthracite 2-command Learn More
  5. 5-command transmitter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 4004V001
    5-command transmitter | FM 40.685 MHz, anthracite | neutral version Learn More
  6. radio interior push-button, 2-command
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 4753V000
    radio interior push-button, 2-command | with flush box and 2 buttons ML | FM 868.8 MHz Learn More
  7. industrial transmitter,
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 4011V000
    industrial transmitter, | 5-command, FM 868.8 MHz, | neutral version Learn More
  8. Telecody+ transmitter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S10212-00032
    Telecody+ transmitter | 868,95MHz SOMMER version IP64 | white 12 command Learn More
  9. Telecody+ transmitter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S10212-00001
    Telecody+ transmitter | 868,95MHz SOMMER version IP64 | anthracite 12 command Learn More
  10. Slider Vibe transmitter
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S10202-00001
    Slider Vibe transmitter | 868,95MHz SOMMER version | black/stainless steel 4 command Learn More

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