Garage door operators

Spare parts for your SOMMER garage door operator

In our Shop you will find all spare parts for the garage door operators, SOMMER base+, pro+, tiga+, sprint, duo, marathon and Aperto.

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  1. control unit housing sprint 550 SL
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 1633V000
    control unit housing sprint 550 SL | with cover, FM 868,8 MHz | SOMMER version, standard plug-in Learn More
    Out of stock
  2. marathon SL control board
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 2229V000
    marathon SL control board | FM 868.8 MHz Learn More
  3. PCB control unit tiga
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S10826-00001
    PCB control unit tiga | incl. contact protection screws Learn More
  4. 2077V400
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 2077V400
  5. 2077V000
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 2077V000
  6. tiga+ replacement housing
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: S10823-00001
    tiga+ replacement housing | SOMMER version | incl. screw connections Learn More
  7. toroidal core transformer 200VA/24V
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 41045V000
    toroidal core transformer 200VA/24V | standard plug | duo rapido+ Learn More
    Out of stock
  8. carriage marathon
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 4604V000
    carriage marathon | S 550 N / 550 SL complete | anthracite cover Learn More
  9. control unit sprint/duo 4
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 11515V005
    control unit sprint/duo 4 | FM 40 MHz | for sprint/duo/aperto (with soft run) Learn More
    Out of stock
  10. control board, sprint 4
    synoa_sku_productdetailpage: 11515V004
    control board, sprint 4 | FM 868.8 MHz with soft run | for sprint, duo, duo vision Learn More

Items 31-40 of 170

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